Thursday, June 5

Google knows my Name and Recognized my Birthday, I am Digitally touched!!!

I surprisingly got on my laptop a few minutes after midnight and opened my chrome browser and saw birthday cakes and gifts wrapped instead of the usual Google sign of the day and stupidly thought to myself do they know its my birthday and viola as I moved my mouse towards one of the cakes the following text popped up "Happy Birthday Consolata!" and I was so second birthday greeting was from Google....Digitally touching I must say!
See screenshot below

Wishing all fellow celebrants today a Happy Birthday too!!!


Wednesday, May 8

I Am Inspired!

I am inspired to help
I am inspired to think new thoughts and dream new dreams hoping to improve on the work or the deed I did the day before in other to leave a positive impact in my job, career or life without due recourse to self gratification :-). 

I am also inspired to put my lettering design scribbles scattered all over the place to good use creating beautiful artistic impressions that people would enjoy someday soon.

Lastly and most importantly I am inspired to go on striving to make a difference that would positively change my corner of the world and hopefully transcend even further to other places where crying abounds by the unconditional loving I enjoy from my amazing kids as it gives me so much hope for our tomorrows... 

What are you inspired by?... Pray Tell!