Thursday, May 31

What is in a Name?

Today I want to discuss baby names.

What would you name your son or daughter? And what is actually in a name?

I believe a name actually reflects on your being and character as you develop and grow up.

I have a very rare name and it reflects on who I grew up to be. I am very proud of my name and it's meaning. {Consolata - meaning console me - our lady the consoler of the afflicted}

I actually act as a mother and a succor to my family, friends and colleagues, it is just second nature to me to want to solve everybody's problems or issue.

When I was pregnant with my first baby I searched long and hard for a unique name with a beautiful spiritual meaning. Most importantly I wanted a catholic name.

I settled on Bede [meaning prayer] if it was a boy and Thecla [meaning divine] if it was a girl.

Really my son "Bede" was a prayer answered, considering the fact I was giving birth to my first child at 34 years old and I had a smooth pregnancy and a very quick labour without complications.

The name "Bede" was very intriguing to me and I prayed my baby will be a boy and whoa alas on the delivery day out popped a beautiful baby boy, whom we named Bede after Saint Bede, a monastic priest who was a prolific writer, poet , academician and most of all dedicated to the life of service to God.

Now am expecting again, an I want a fresh unused name for my unborn baby.

Do any of you out there have any suggestions on a rare catholic name for a boy or a girl.

I would do a thorough search and come back to you with my findings.

Have a lovely day ahead

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