Wednesday, May 30

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Today I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child and I am at work as usual.

Things have been a bit settled, because I have not vomited for about a week now.

Funny enough my first [previous] pregnancy was blissful until my due date, i ate and behaved as would normally do. I experience no nausea or vomiting.

When I complained to my doctor he echoed what my Mum had said that no two pregnancies are the same.

This time around I am quite experienced and very relaxed except for my nausea and periodic vomiting. I am not monitoring the baby's growth every day.

During my last pregnancy I read all the available books, mags and materials on the Internet, so right now its all like repetition.

I had my first scan last three weeks ago and I was so moved - seeing my baby for the first time.
He or She was dancing all around and refused to stay still for a while.
The experience is very bonding and is like a reality check. I experienced it with my 20 month old son.

I would love to hear your stories or views about your pregnancy, motherhood or parenting on my blog.

I will communicate with you as regularly as possible.

Come share with other mothers the joys of motherhood!!!


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