Thursday, June 14


I believe strongly in exclusive breast feeding for the first six months and I practiced this with my first baby. I only began to think about how to introduce him to solids when he was almost six months old.

Some days ago a friend of mine asked me for my suggestions on some first solids to feed her baby. She wanted some recipes other than the traditional processed cereals which can be purchased in shops.

I gave her several recipes but I want to share one very dear one with you. My baby loved it and wolfed it down any time it was time to eat.

A creamy nutritious meals for babies

1 medium sized sweet potato
1 cup of water
A small blob of low fat unsalted butter
1/4 of a medium sized ripe avocado pear

Preparation; Time 23 minutes
Peel and cut the sweet potato into little cubes for quick cooking.

Put in a pot/pan and add a cup of water and leave to boil.

When the potato is very soft drain leftover water.

Add a blob of low fat unsalted butter [for easy consumption and creaminess].

Add the succulent inside of the avocado and mash with a fork or wooden spoon.

Mix potato, butter and the avocado together in the pot/pan.

Mash until pasty and smooth.

Leave to cool almost completely and then serve baby!!!

This is an excellent and tantalizing dish for babies between 5- 8 months


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