Tuesday, July 10



Last week I went to the hospital for my anomaly scan[ultrasound].
This is usually done when you are 20 weeks pregnant. In your second Trimester
This scan is usually done to check your unborn baby for any abnormalities, in order words your doctor will do this scan [ultrasound] to ensure that your unborn baby is in tip-top form.
I was a bit uncomfortable as I was quite anxious at what the results would be.
I just tried to stay calm and trust in the Lord.

The scan [ultrasound] took a total of 35 minutes and it was a very thorough one.
It took this long because the baby was very agile and was constantly on the move
The doctor checked all the following parts/organs of my unborn baby;
· The Upper and Lower limbs
· The Heart and its cavities
· The Lungs
· The Stomach structure and size
· The Intestines
· The two Kidneys
· The face structure
· The head size
· The Upper and Lower eyelids of both eyes
· The Upper and lower lips
· The Spinal cord
· The Brain matter
· The Neck
· The Sex organs
· The amount of amniotic fluid
· The Baby’s heartbeat.
· The entire bone structure of the baby and the fetal age.

After the scan [ultrasound] the doc confirmed that my unborn baby was normal and was it's exact size for it's age

Would you want to know the sex of your unborn baby?
During the anomaly scan [ultrasound] my doctor asked me if I wanted to know the sex of my unborn baby and I said a big NO.

In my previous pregnancy I also asked not to be told the sex of my baby, but I just had the conviction that I was having a boy and I was right.
My husband and I wanted a total surprise upon delivery of our first born child.
I was proved right though as I was sure I was having a boy while he was adamant it would be a girl.

In this pregnancy I am hoping for a girl, and I kind of feel that I am carrying a girl.

I may give in and eventually ask the doctor what sex my baby is, because I want to buy really exciting girly stuff in preparation for the baby.
If after this purchases I have a boy it would be kind of woeful, so I may want to rely on more than my intuition this time around.

I will keep you posted on my decision……………………………

All my symptoms and feelings are the exact opposite of my previous pregnancy.
In the early stages of this pregnancy I had quite a hard time, experiencing nausea, vomiting, aches and fatigue.

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