Sunday, July 15

MY LITTLE BOY - Aged 22 months

My 22 month old son is really coming into his own and whoooo is he a more than a handful.

He is my first born child - my initiation into motherhood, and I am now expecting another in the next 18 weeks.

He has always being a loud baby even when he was born, he came out with a loud wail that shook the who hospital and sent patients and nurses scurrying for cover......Ha Ha Ha.

But truly he has always been a man in a little boy's body.

THEN 0-12 months old;

- He said his first words some days before his first birthday.
- He started growing teeth at 51/2 months.
- On his first birthday he has a mouth full of teeth [16 teeth].
- He never embraced his cuddly toys for one day.
- He took to solids immediately despite the fact that he was breast fed exclusively for 6 months.
- He has always been very mobile and daring.
- He outgrew his clothes too quickly.
- He doesn't fit into his car seat again..............not good at all .

The Here and Now 12-22 moths;
- He is a more than a head taller than his seniors.
- He talks and communicates better than two year olds.
- He understand adults very well.
- He knows when to throw a tantrum that will yield the desired results.
- He know the alphabets and his numbering to number 20.
- He sings all the nursery rhymes he can find.
- He can't get enough of "Barney and friends" and he has memorised all the series we have.
- He eats any thing adults eat.
- He is getting to be very aggressive..............even tries to bully his seniors.. BAD - we are working on it.
- Can't seem to settle down at night for bed. Wants to stay awake.
- Picks up words and new phrases instantly.
- He is very attentive and observant for a little boy.
- He is trying to drive our Honda jeep...more than enthusiastic.
- He spends an entire car trip jumping and dancing all over the place.
- He loves a piggy back ride even when Mom or Dad is exhausted.
- He loves the Great outdoors.
- He loves to go shopping.
- He enjoys going to the Creche/Pre-School.
- He lays his head on my stomach and tries to hear sounds of his little brother or sister.
- He loves his Mom and Dad.

And he is just still my little boy..............My pride and joy, every mother's dream.


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