Tuesday, January 27

Chaos or What?

Today has been hectic! I have been so busy at work that I have been unable to take a breath of fresh air.
I did not have enough rest last night as my baby [14 months old] woke up several times. Today is proving to be another tough day.

I really wonder how our mothers survived the combination of career and motherhood. It is a very fulfilling role but very! Very! tasking I must say.

The reality is that in our world of today everything is so fast paced, we have traffic jams and endless trips; we have children who are so technologically savvy and wise beyond their years.

All the “labour" at work and at home sometimes brings us working mothers to our knees.

There are days when I dream of a holiday away from my husband and kids, to chill and completely relax for once in five years. This may just remain a Pipe dream!!!

When I recall times spend with my kids even in my tiredness I am filled with joy and awe at times at what they know and can assimilate. Most importantly their selfless love unpolluted by the world is so fulfilling.

Some days ago my son was playing football indoors and I told him this was not acceptable as he could break something, he paused for a minute and asked; Can I go outside to play? Before I could respond he said that seems like a good idea. I was speechless at his vocabulary [he is only 3 years old]. He just continue to amaze me with his diction, his studies and his capabilities.

At such times I thank God for blessing us with such beautiful and intelligent kids.

Mothers have a real task of bringing up kids, they do this at times almost alone as fathers/husbands tend to be a bit complacent in the upbringing of the kids.

Then you can imagine when this is combined with a demanding career. I applaud women who have many children and combine this with a career. Just imagine what a single Mom with several children, bills and all associated responsibilities goes through daily.

As for me I have come to the conclusion that we are the much! much! stronger sex and as such God in his infinite wisdom bestowed Womanhood/Motherhood on us. It does not come cheap I tell you.

Ciao!! Have to dash off now........ More work beckons

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