Thursday, February 12


What would you like to give to your loved ones or valentine this year?

Find below some suggestions.

1. Fresh Flowers [Roses] delivered
2. Lingerie
3. Gold/Sliver/Platinum or Diamond Jewelry [Charm Bracelets, Heart shaped pendants]
4. Perfumes
5. Cards
6. Time piece/Wrist watch
7. Belgian or Organic Chocolate
8. Hot Chocolate gift basket
9. Gourmet dark Chocolate Gift basket
10.Homemade Chocolate Candy

1. High quality underwear
2. Time piece/ Wrist Watch
3. Stockings
4. Latest Blackberry
5. Tie
6. Home Cooked Candlelit Dinner
7. New gym wear
8. Nice bottle on Champagne or Wine
9. Cards
10.Aftershave Lotion/Cream/Balm

Please feel free to add your suggestions so as to present a very exhaustive list.
My bed calls Good Nite!!!!

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