Wednesday, February 25

Level of Hygiene in Schools

I did not go to work today, because my son has been throwing up since last night, even in his sleep.

First thing this morning we had to head to the doctors and he was tested and given some drugs.

It seems he has a stomach infection, which is making him throw up consistently.

This is the third time in his 3 year existence that he has gotten this type of stomach bug from school.

He got home yesterday and refused to eat anything; he just drank water, had his bath and went straight to bed.

He woke us up by and he had already vomited several times all over his bed.

I have nagged his school constantly on maintaining the same or close to standard of hygiene I practice at home.

The other two cases occurred in two previous schools/playgroups, so I wonder what is going on in schools and playgroups.

What kind of risk are we taking in letting our kids go to these schools?

I am worried and confused at this situation; I don't even know how I can ensure strict adherence to basic and fundamental hygiene levels in his school when I am not physically present.

Who do you blame in such a situation, the school, his teacher or other kids or yourself for not being more alert?

He usually eats breakfast and lunch in school, but I may start packing his food from home now just to safeguard him. As far as I am concerned all blame lies at the doorstep of the school.

But my fear is that the school staff will still handle his food as they have to be warmed and served to him at the appropriate times, in other words they still come in contact with his food.

What can we as parents do in such a situation? This is what I have been pondering on all day.

Are the school Authorities really listening to parents or just paying lip service to us

Share your experiences!

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