Saturday, February 28


My baby girl was 15 months yesterday, 27th February 2009.

She is more than a handful; it is a mean job trying to keep up with her.

My baby runs and climbs after her older brother [3 years old] not caring that she may fall or bruise herself.

She wakes him up if he is till sleeping when she wakes up.

She seems to always be screaming his name and trying to catch up with him all day long.

Girly girl or T girl, as I sometimes call her is a tough number; she falls and picks herself up with minimum fuss.

My girl is very sharp witted and intelligent, she even goes on little errands for mummy but mind you she can be quite stubborn if she wants to get her way.

My baby's favourite word is "Daddy"; she latches on to him the minute she sights him at the end of a work day, quickly forgetting mummy who ferries her to and from her playgroup and still puts in a full day at work.

She is a cuddly smiley baby! A ray of sunshine!

Her wants and needs are simple and when fulfilled she is a happy steamroller moving at breakneck speed.

I cherish my lovely, beautiful, loving, cuddly baby girl who looks up to mummy for the satisfaction of her needs and wants.

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