Thursday, August 12

Are You Stuck in the Rut? Or What?

Are you Stuck in the Rut?
Are you STUCK in the RUT? – In your Job! Relationship! or hometown!
Do you feel empty, disillusioned, unfulfilled, undiscovered, or unappreciated?
If you do then you are definitely stuck in the Rut. And change has come calling, so sit up the time is now.
What will do about it?
You must take a conscious decision to change your situation or life. After the decision comes action.
We all have dreams, and goals; Don't be afraid to pursue or strive to achieve yours.

If you are stuck in your Job, you many have any of these feelings or thoughts; You feel overused, underutilized, dissatisfied in your career, dissatisfied with your pay/salary or just in the need for a fresh challenge. You need to spring into action by;

- Brush up or prepare a killer Resume.
- Decide what Industry you would like to tackle.
- Check Online and in Dailies for vacancies in the chosen industry or sector.
- Set a target of Applying to at least 20 jobs in 4 weeks, one would definitely yield results.
- Prepare for the Interview by brushing up your skills and reading current material on this industry or sector.
- Dress the part and display Confidence in your talk and demeanor, you would definitely get the job.

If your Relationship or Marriage is in a Rut:  You may feel unappreciated, disrespected, unloved, or just plain washed out. The answer more often than not is not a new relationship but reinvigorating the existing one;

- Try to find time to relate and Communicate with your partner.
- Spend quality time together Relaxing or enjoying dinner out.
- Start a new Hobby so you can get some time out for yourself
- Show Appreciation for his or her efforts and this will be returned ten fold.
- Give out some much needed TLC to your partner or hussy and you will feel loved and wanted again.
- Forget all previous Expectations you had about you Relationship or Marriage; just work on being the best you can at all times.
- Most Importantly take a big BREATH in and OUT...... Live and let Live...... Take things easy, it simplifies our existence.

If you are stuck in your Hometown: Then the inevitable move must happen;

- Go Online and find out about new towns/cities within reason where your skills would easily land you a job.
- Look into available Real estate and prices for Rent or Mortgages.
- Take out time to Visit and view the town or city first hand.
- Check out available restaurants, sports clubs, night spots, shopping malls and religious bodies.
- If you have Kids check out the local schools and playgrounds also ask around on the availability of babysitters.
- Find out the level or Crime and Violence in the vicinity you are interested in,
- Find out the Cheapest way of Moving to that location.
- Make sure you are not too far off from Friends and Family, there are invaluable and you will need them from time to time.
- Review all you findings and make a positive decision on Relocating.
- Finally make the Move.

Change is our lives is inevitable and more often than not it brings a breath of fresh air and new experiences which only add miles to our journey through life.

To get something you never had you have to do something you have never done; so get moving, take a deep breath and MOVE NOW..........

Make a positive change today! That will affect you and your loved ones.

Are you STUCK in the RUT share here, we may be able to offer some useful tips. You just never know where help comes from.

Comments are very, very welcome all.....


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