Monday, February 16


It was a busy weekend for me, both of my kids are down with colds.

My baby who is worse off had a horrible time this weekend. She was seriously congested and all the over the counter cold and cough medicines I gave all through last week seemed not to have worked.

Funny enough she is also teething. She refused solids and milk most of the time, I had to offer her lots of freshly squeezed orange juice and water, which she seems to love in abundance.

On Sunday I had to go take her to the doctor because she was bringing out some funny discharge from her eyes, she only does this when she has a serious cold.
Her eyes where also blurred, watery and not clear any more.

Despite all this she was running around all weekend chasing her elder brother all over the house.

The doctor recommended Augumentin and Benylin for Children. She was also given eye drops.

How do we really prevent this recurring colds in our kids, who go to nursery or playschool? They seem to pick up any and all bugs passing by.

Despite protective clothing and maintaining a high level of hygiene at home our kids still fall prey to the cold bugs time after time..

What do you think?

How can we ensure that the schools or playgroups maintain acceptable level of hygiene?

Please share you experience!

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