Monday, February 16


Valentine day came and went in my household without any loving for the wife[Me].

I got a scented candle [he loves candles] and a good bottle of wine for my husband and some cool gits for my beautiful kids.

My son: Got 3 big dinosaurs and a bottle of edible bubbles [He has been going on an on about these items.

My daughter: Got a soft doll and a funny face that says I love you when squeezed.

They where ecstatic and i was a fulfilled mother.

But was I a fulfilled wife; No I would say, my husband did not bother to get me any thing and could not even give me some much needed TLC.

Men at times are beyond me.

I have told him repeatedly that Valentine, Birthdays and anniversaries are important to me, but after 5 years of marriage he is still failing in this regard.

I felt alone and unloved, but had to swallow the big girl pill and buck up and face my duties as mother wife and career woman.

When would women get the respect and love they deserve from their partners or husbands?

It is so tiring at times, especially when you need to be loved and pampered.

In our roles as mother and wife which never ends we need to be pampered once in a while.

Well I wait and pary for what the future holds!

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