Tuesday, March 10

Convulsion- My experience

Believe it or not yesterday was a scary day! My daughter [15 months old] has two episodes of convulsion on the same day.

She had a little fever on Sunday and we thought it was due to teething [she is growing 4 teeth at once] as she was still running all around the place. We just gave her paracetamol[Capol] every 4 hours thinking that that will take care of the fever.

During the night her temprature really shot up and I had to strip her and sponge her down several times.

In the morning her tempreture shot up again and once again we gave Capol, mind you she was till running around.

She ate slept and woke up with even a higher tempreture and before we could do anything she had the first episode of convulsion, I was in a state of panic, but luckily my husband was carrying her when it happened and he was calm; he had to put his finger between her teeth and kept on talking to her.
We put a spoon between her teeth in place of his finger and sponged her with cold water and she came to.

We immediately set out for the hospital, there we where given drugs and the doctor told us to give her Capol every four hours until her temprature is normal again.

Immediately we got home she seemed okay and her temprature has reduced substantially, as we where about to give the next dose of Capol at about say 7pm she has another covulsing episode, but this time we where prepared.

I quickly ran for the Pre-wrapped spoon and water and my husband inserted the spoon between her teeth while I sponged her down. this really scared me as her body was not really hot just a bit warm.

Immediately after we headed for the hospital again she was given injections and anal inserts to bring down her tempreture.

All in all the medical finding was that she had a bacterial infection.

What am I going to do about the level of hygiene in schools. I am so mad and angry but I don't know who to lash out at.

To prevent this happening again all day today we have been bathing her with tepid water. You too should do the same when you find yourself in the same situation.

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