Tuesday, March 3

How to Breastfeed Properly?

In order for you and you baby to enjoy and appreciate breastfeeding you have to make sure you learn to breastfeed properly.

Immediately after delivery your baby will be cleaned and handed over to you. If you intend to breastfeed this is the best time to start.

Place your baby in the groove of your right or left arm and support the base of your breast by pointing the nipple towards his/her mouth.

Make sure you baby latches on to your whole nipple so as to prevent scarring and sore breasts. If your baby does not latch on properly use your finger to insert your nipple into his/her mouth.

At that junction there will be no milk but your baby will be able to suck out the fore milk also known as Colostrum. Which helps builds your baby immunity against infections.

This initial sucking helps speed up the production of breast milk.

When breast milk has started flowing fully, make sure you baby empties one breast before you move to another. This will prevent engorgement and painful breasts.

Allow your baby breast feed until he/she is sated, and releases your nipple. This will unsure that he/she is getting adequate milk.


Francis Medela Pumps said...

Nice article. Make sure also that you must eat healthy foods, don't drink and smoke if your planning to breastfeed your child. Breast feeding is been there for ages not only it brings nutritious nutrients for your child but creates a bonding relation for mother and child.

WINC said...

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your comment and very valuable contribution.

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