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Do You Feel Unappreciated as a Wife/Woman? (2)

Do You Feel Unappreciated as Wife/Woman (1)
This is the follow up post to the part 1 of this series. Here I will discuss the feed back from our men folk.

Based on my findings during my discussions with my predominately male colleagues, one thing that struck me and was common amongst to all their feedback; Was that they all felt their women/wives also took them for Granted. They echoed that Appreciation should be a two way street.

I took this home and discussed with the hubby and he also shared the same opinion...........this is so surreal but true [apparently].

Another thing that was common to all the men I rubbed minds with was that they loved their wives/women more than they could say, but that sometimes they just get lost in the art of living, working & parenting.

The third thing that was predominately common in my discussions was that they actually did not know "how" or "when" their women would love some appreciation. It seemed they could not answer the big question - What do women want or need?

My hubby said he loved me dearly but also asked me to help him answer the big question - he also asked me to nudge him/or alert him when I see him getting too immersed in work or in general living, he said this will bring him back to the surface[the art of relating and loving].

We both agreed that we were both guilty of sometimes neglecting the other and made a pact to remind ourselves not to get so caught up in the art of living and working.
We also agreed that we had to constantly device ways of re-invigorating our relationship/marriage, as well as finding some “us” time no matter how short. [This is not easy feat with two active children of 4 years and 21 months]

This made me realize that we as wives/women may also guilt of neglecting our husbands/men as we often get caught up in the art of mothering, homemaking, daily living and career making.

So appreciation is a two way street and is required by both partners. In my experience men want to be taken in hand like one of the kids and this fact is often ignored or neglected by us women as we already have more than we can handle.

This brings to the fore that Appreciation and Love in a marriage/relationship is pull-push relationship.

But one thing that I gleaned from all my interractions with my several male colleagues and hubby was that men are often laid back in marriages and relationships they expect the women in their lives to take charge and also take them in hand.

So as wives/women how can we take our men in hand and teach them how to appreciate us by showing them appreciation and love so as to get a double dose in return? A Big question that needs answers!

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