Sunday, April 19

My Amazing Kids/Children

I often wonder how quickly babies grow into kids. My own two never seize to amaze me.

My son who is 3 years and 6 months uses such vocabulary that you would be amazed. He takes to think before he talks and he listens and understands so many things.

No pulling the wool over his eyes in any situation as he is quick and very observant.
He has such a retentive memory and remembers all he hears or you tell him.
Imagine that he can write his ABC [Upper & Lowercase], 1-30, Common 2 and 3 letter words even 5 letter words like Mango, recognise and name so many animals and objects and construct sentences using big words.

Sometime ago I told him that he could not play football in the house, he stopped paused and looked at me saying; I have an Idea why don't you take me downstairs to play football, there I won't damage or break any thing. He was so fluid,clear and sure I was speechless for a few seconds.

My daughter who is 16 months and looks up to her older brother and competes with him on every front. She also has an amazing understanding of a broad range of things.

She is also so observant and alive to her environment.

My baby girl pooed in her diapers the other day, she swiftly went to her cupboard picked up a diaper and wipes and went looking for her grandma to clean her up, we where all so ticked at such initiative and understanding.

I am such a proud mama and I hope I continue to help them grow and develop to amazing heights

This generation of children/kids are way beyond what we ever where.

Share some of you children's' stories or happenings with us here!!!

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