Monday, April 20

Who Mets out Discipline in the Home?

Parents ask yourselves these questions and take time to think of the answers as it applies in your home.
I know many of us parents would not have clear cut answers or would like to shy away from the reality on ground

1. Do you Discipline your Kids/Children?

2. At what age do you start to discipline your kids/children

3. When do you discipline your kids/children?

4. Who metes out the discipline in your family?

5. What kind of discipline do you mete out?

6. How often do you discipline your kids/children?

7. How do your kids/children react to discipline?

8. What is the resultant effect when you discipline your kids/children?

9. Based on your experience would you recommend discipline for growing kids,

Many couples do not even discuss discipline and don't agree on who should met out discipline in the raising of kids.
Or you find one parent living the unpopular task of discipline to the other.

I for one I think it should be a shared responsibilty in the home, it will result in the desired results and healthy respect for both parents.

We cannot live disciplining of our kids to school teachers alone, we must as responsible parents take charge of our children;s discipline.

Correct and effective Parental discipline and control will contribute greatly to their state of minds and achievements in the future.

Discipline does not mean emotional or physical abuse of your children. Please!!!!

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