Sunday, April 19

Wonderful Mother! Kudos to You

My mother has been around for two weeks now! She came to help look after the kids, so I could get some much needed rest.
As her visit comes to an end, I can't help but ponder on the beautiful word "Mother".

My mother is a glorious blessed and tireless wonder.
She is ever ready to help, despite the fact that she has her own business to run.
She is a pure epitome of what a mother should be.
The maternal bond between my mother and her six children is unshakeable and remains unbroken after 39 years of motherhood.

A mother takes care of her brood [children] all through her life, worrying when they are in trouble, caring when they are in pain or sorrow, correcting when they are in the wrong and praising when they have achieved.
I Thank-God for a mother like mine, who is tireless in mothering her children/kids.

I hope that I will emulate her in all facets of motherhood as I and my husband raise our two children/kids in this dynamic world we live in.

I also weep for those who have nothing to learn from their mothers, or where abandoned by their mothers as they exist in a world without the most natural bonding experience.

As the saying goes experience is the best teacher" We experience mothering from our mothers and in turn learn and understand all the key ingredients for mothering our own children/kids.

The maternal bond between mother and child or children is a dynamic and powerful bond and as mothers we should work on strengthening this bond daily, by caring, sharing, teaching, growing, developing and loving our children/kids.

To any mother her children/kids remain children no matter their ages and she mothers them until she departs this world.

Mothers out there do you have experiences to share? Our children/kids are the future and they are the reason we toil endlessly so we must ensure that we don't shrink on our mothering responsibilities, which is a key determinant on what their futures will be.

With Mother's day right around the corner I am thankful for my mother and I will definitely show appreciation on May 10th 2009 [Mother's Day]

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