Wednesday, April 22

Would You Rather Work from Home?

I would shout a big YES to this question.

In my current job I am away from my kids and home for most of the day [I have a very demanding role]; I would like to spend more time mothering and homemaking.

But how do you leave a very well paying job, to tackle the unknown waters of home based entrepreneurship.

I am in the process of finding answers to this question myself.

There are various businesses and ventures that I am interested in and I am kind of attacking them all at once and creating total chaos.

Some of the ideas I am researching and toying with at the moment are;

1. Telecom consulting: Roaming, Mergers & Acquisitions

2. Internet Entrepreneurship: Online selling

3. Freelancing: Getting jobs from Freelance websites

4. Wedding/Party Planning: Planning & Implementation

5. Fashion: Production of maternity & or baby apparel.

6. Independent Sales: Beauty Consultancy.

How may of you are in the same boat with me?

What are you doing about it?

Could you share some ideas here?



Taa Dixon said...

You might consider web design / social media sales. I started 10 years ago, and offer a commission on any sales prospects who become clients. We have all the marketing material ready to go - it couldn't be easier. Check us out here:

And if you are interested, send me an email here on this contact us form:P

WINC said...

Thanks Taa,

I will check out your business and consider your offer.
Thanks for stopping by.

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