Wednesday, August 26

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

The constant struggle to balance motherhood, career and marriage responsibilities is at times overwhelming.

Do you just feeling like dropping everything and vanishing for some days? Well you are not alone, most married working mothers feel the same way too.
I for one need a break, which is not forthcoming.

The idea would be for the husband/man to take over for a few days while the wife/woman gets a much needed break.

One needs to get a chill zone to just laze around, rest, clear out thoughts and breath. Yes take a real breather.......

How can we persuade our men to understand the need for a break? Many of them would not understand or close their ears to the cry.

But note men that if you do not open your eyes and ears to listen to your wife/woman's cry for a break you would sure lead her to to breaking point and don't be surprised at her actions when she is at breaking point.

She would most probabaly loose it totally and vent all her fustrations on you and you and you.....



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