Monday, August 3

Career Woman - To be or Not to be!

As a woman, mother and wife managing the home front and fulltime career will take wisdom, innovation and ingenuity.

You have to build a strong bridge between the home front and your job or business because there will be many crossings and the bridge must not collapse.

Most women find out that managing the home/husband/kids as well as career at times proves to be an impossible task.

Nowadays a lot of women are loosing their homes/ families in the pursuit of a career, while others are loosing their jobs because of the demands of family life on their jobs.

How then can a woman survive in this fast paced world where most companies give preference to male employees?

For me it is a "unique balancing act"; you have to know when one should give way to another. Each mother's/wife's situation is totally different and unique and you are the best captain to steer you ship of life in the direction you have mapped out.

The bottom line is that even with God on our side, environmental realities and all, the woman is created female and her bane is to carry additional burden in this life.

When God said he was sending man a helper; he meant he was sending a stronger being "that" would carry the worries of the world on her shoulders and leave men free to laze around. HA HA HA! Mostly true though.

We each have our own personal blueprint in this life but we must remember to tarry a while and learn from history and experiences [ours or others].

On mother’s day last year; my priest reminded all women that their husbands where their personal crosses to bear in this life and the whole church roared in laughter. But it is the truth your life is what you make it crosses and all.

More often than not women spend their time trying to compete with their friends or colleagues in the office, this can only end in disaster. As they say “All fingers are not equal” and they will never be.

Your lot [husband or money or kids or job] will certainly be different form the next woman whether you like it or not.

Finally as my dad used to say “As you MAKE your bed so you MUST lie upon it.” So make sure your bed has a mattress that is soft, sheets that are silky and pillows that are fiber-soft so you would lie comfortably.

Kudos to womenfolk worldwide!!!!!!!!




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