Monday, August 31

Communication in Marriage is Key

Communication is key to the survival of any relationship. In Marriage it cannot be over emphasized as this is a union of two entirely different people from different backgrounds who must now co-exist in peace and harmony.

Most of us just go about our functions in the home without reaching out to the other, for serious talks and just for “laughs”.
Most of us are weighed down with responsibilities in the office and at home and this tends to make us withdrawn and often pensive and leaves little room for communication.
More often that not when we even communicate it is to complain or criticize and this is not at all healthy for us or our relationships.
We must realise;
  • That the world is not going to slow down, in fact the current pace and frenzy will increase as development move to another level.
  • Our jobs will not become less hectic and demanding.
  • Traffic jams will increase as the world populations increases and more cars come on our roads.
  • Children would not become less demanding in fact they would become more demanding as the world around them develops.
  • Our spouses/partners would never be able to read our minds or share our worries if they don’t know about them.
  • All the ills of the society would not go away just because we wish them away.
  • Communication is key to a successful marriage or union.
So what must we do?
  • We must work at promoting effective, honest and respectful communication in our homes and marriages. And this must be a two way street to be effective. One person cannot be silent while the other rambles on.  But note that conversations must be kick started by one.
  • We must remove all negativity from our conversations with our spouse by maintaining good eye contact, a positive body language and speaking with insight and respect.This will definitely bring forth positive responses and or questions from the other party and alas, a conversation is on.
  • We must listen attentively to each other when communicating with one another.
  • Try to make conversation at every opportunity even when performing tasks or relaxing in front of the TV.
If not you may forget how to even talk top each other and it becomes a major chore and this would definitely lead to a break down of the union.
Note hostile conversations lead to friction and hostility and often outright breakdown of the marriage
Remember the children are watching!
Analyze the way you communicate or fail to communicate with your spouse.

Effective communication means verbalizing needs and listening carefully.
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Brit said...

Communication is very key in marriage and many other relationships. I liked this post.

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Thanks Brit

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