Monday, August 17

Growing Toddler - My little girl

My little girl is up to so much!! At almost 21 months!!!

She is literally creating a storm in our household.

She is learning to talk so she talks nine to a dozen and expects you to understand everything.

Sibling rivalry; She challenges her older brother at every turn, though this does not stop her from copying any thing he does, many very "un-girly".

Learning is exciting and she is soaking it all up.

She is so loving and giving and embraces all.

Smack she goes; she loves kissing - right on your lips. Her brother tries to avoid this but she is unrelenting and at times accepts a cheek from him for her kiss.

Sulking does not become her... She just learnt this and tries to practice it when she does not get her way. I always remain unperturbed.

She is still my baby and at times I want to slow down her development. But alas I also am excited when I see new antics or hear new words from her.

Mothers what emotions run through you as you see your children grow?


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