Saturday, August 8

How do You Manage an Unreasonable Boss/Employer?

My boss is often times unreasonable and stubborn and his is male. Males are often hardliners but this guy takes it way too far at times.

I am a dedicated leader who constantly strives to break new grounds in leading an achieving team and this he rides on often enough.

My boss is nice and dandy when he needs feedback from you or needs you to help in in various tasks [very often], even some totally unrelated to your job description.

But when as a mother you need some empathy from him, he is often unreasonable and mouths about you to all and every one who is ready to listen[and forgets completely that you are his major support]. He even goes as far as making unprofessional comments to your colleagues and even subordinates.

As a mother I sometimes need time off [not a regular occurrence] to take care of a sick kid or go pick them up from school when there is an emergency and I find that this galls him and I wonder why. Would he rather I forget that I am a mother and focus on the job only. Employers need to show more empathy for working mothers and realise that they would appreciate empathy in times of need and this would fuel them to achieve even more.

I often times give him fire for fire, but this does not yield any positive results and is stressful to all concerned so I have simply conditioned my self to ignore him and his unreasonable self and he often times comes crawling when he needs saving.

What keeps me sane is that I know that I am a major force in my team and that whether my boss likes it or I am a very key part of the equation.

I am seriously seeking an avenue to be my own boss and say good bye to hard lining unreasonable bosses who often times don't even know their onions. I need more time with my kids at this learning phase of their lives and I am determined to create more time soon enough. I am a budding Entrepreneur and who is saying watch out ya all I am coming!!!

Chin up women!We know our worth and our contributions in our jobs so no matter what Employers cannot do with out us....The world is our oasis to create, develop, and maintain and this is a challenge we don't take lightly.

Share your views fellow working mothers.....!

Managing a Difficult Boss


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Anonymous said...

I have an unreasonable boss too, who likes to take advantage of me. This piece really gave me a boost.

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