Tuesday, August 11

Inducing Labour to Be or Not to Be?

Today reminds me of the birth of my first child; My sister is being induced today as her pregnancy is one week over due.

I empathize with her because she prayed that she would go into labour naturally but that was not to be.

At this moment she has been induced already and I shrink when I remember the intense 3 and half hour pain I went through during the birthing of my own son. I would let you know ordinarily I have a high threshold for pain but nothing I had gone through prepared me for the labour pains.

For the birth of my daughter I went through natural labour that lasted for over 8 hours and I bore it cause the pain was graduated and one stage kind of prepared you for the next stage of pain.

I pray her own experience is different. She is all for an epidural as she has a very low threshold for pain. Extremely low!

During my first pregnancy I refused an epidural; because I wasn't certain about the delivery and effects of the epidural and I was even more uncertain when the lady beside me asked for it and immediately it was administered to her her baby became distressed.

Wooof! I was freaked out at the happening and just said to my self girl buckle up bear the pain it would soon be over.

And over it was 3 hours and 40 minutes later when my amazing son was born.

So join me in praying that my sis goes through her labour with or without the epidural with aplomb.

Update: She eventually had to ask for the epidural because the pain was unbearable for her, baby became distressed and she had to have a C-Section. Same old story if you ask me.

Feel free to Share you unique delivery/labour experiences or fears here!!!

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Anonymous said...

Inductions are ever so painful. I have experienced it too so I know first hand.

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