Monday, August 31

My Boy is 4!

My darling boy is going to be four [4] on September 5th….. how time has flown by.
His is so intelligent and mature for his age that most people easily put him at 5 or 6 years old.
I am so! so! so! proud to be his mama.

I asked him some days ago what he wanted to do on his birthday and do you know what he said;
he said he just wanted a Cake with red candles so he could blow them out and make a wish.
I asked him what he would wish for, he said everything, then he went on to say he would want a Ben10 wristwatch.
I would leave no stone unturned to ensure I get a Ben10 wristwatch for him.

Often times I just sit and watch him talk or relate with others and I just wonder how did he get so smart [that is not to say I am not smart…. ha ha ha!].

I fell guilty because I cannot spend enough time with my kids and I wonder whether they would not miss out on many things. But my son makes me feel my guilt is unfounded because he is a thoroughbred through and through.
At other times I thank God for breastfeeding. He breast fed for 15 months out of which 6 were exclusive. Methinks this lays credence to the theory that breastfeeding makes children intelligent and sharp ["Brainy"].

Four loud Kudos to My Boy.........Happy Birthday Darling Bede. I bless the day I had you!

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