Saturday, August 8

My Saturday with the Kids!!!

The day is Saturday the 8th of August 2009! A day I have chosen to remain in doors and get some much needed rest.

We were woken up today by a loud scream from my son; what was the problem you would say he could not open the door and so he yelled.

Shortly after his sister followed with a loud cry for help; calling for someone to save her from her unkind bed you won't let her get out.

Then came jumping and playing around with daddy.

Next came breakfast; half entered their stomachs and the other half were used as decorative pieces.

And off went daddy to yet another meeting in the office

After breakfast we went running and riding in a musical bus and block case; which often ran in other each other on their journey's way.

Then came the duck with wheels that pulls along and more running and screaming and bumping into each other.

Mummy kept the peace and wiped the tears and all the while she was on the Internet doing some blogging and other research.

Forcefully a NAP was decreed with a lot of protests from the duo...........Off we go for a much dreaded but needed NAP.

Layta ya all!


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