Wednesday, August 12

She has a Boy!!! Whoopee

My sister's baby popped out today at about 16.00 hours after several false inductions. Believe it or not she was induced 3 times before labour really commenced.
When it did start it was intense unbearable and breathless.

It was quite a hectic labour and she eventually had to have a Cesarean section as the baby was becoming distressed.

When the labour pains became unbearable she elected to have an Epidural.

And guess what? 3-4 hours after the Epidural injection was given her baby became distressed. How can this happen, Do doctors not carry out all the necessary checks before the administer the injection.

Here again I come with my concerns about the Epidural injection you may say but my experience has not been good

But we are thankful that the baby and mother are hale and hearty despite the rigmarole of labour - induced and tamed with the Epidural injection.

Mothers out there in your experience when is it best to take the Epidural immediately you are induced or when the labour is on? Please share you views

Come celebrate with us, Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I am also expecting soon.

WINC said...

I wish you a safe delivery.

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