Monday, September 21

Do You Feel Unappreciated as a Wife/Woman (3)

Here I am going to try to answer the big question – “What does a woman want? “ – This question is actually a quote by Sigmund Freud the father of psychoanalysis. The answer to this question eluded him in all his years.

From my own perspective I would say A Woman Wants Love and Appreciation from her husband or man. This is broken down into the following;

Good Memory: We all want a man who remembers all past and present remarkable moments in our history [e.g. the day we met or our honeymoon moments] as well as birthdays and other celebrations. Women feel betrayed and unimportant when a man does not remember which is quite often…….If you ask me.
Female thinking is that – If you love me you would remember all that is important to me and us. A tall dream you may say, but this is how the female brain has been programmed to think.

Good Listening Skills: Women want a man that takes them seriously by listening to all their ramblings. Most men then to over look their women in this regard, they plague us with all their own issues  and happenings and never really wonder if we too have anything to discuss or say.

Acceptance: We want our men to accept us for who we are and not what they want us to be. Do not box us in a corner in trying to build your dream woman [Who actually does not exist]

Partnership: Women would love their men to consider them as equal partners in the marriage and home as we invest so much in our homes/families; homemaking, child rearing, and even financial contributions - leading to the smooth running of the home.

Kindness:   Women appreciate kindness and compassion from their men. Little acts of “kindness” and “flattery “goes a long way [e.g. Saying thank-you and praising her efforts when she cooks you a meal, even if it is not the best you have tasted – Remember she gave it her all]

Protection: This is taken for granted by most women, we expect our men to protect us from “the big bad world”, even when we can ably take care of ourselves. We want them to offer and grant us protection from all negativity.

Expressing all these qualities listed above will assure us that we are loved and we will feel cared for by our husbands/men.

Women despite all this we must be realistic in our expectations as there is no perfect man or even woman. We should also remember that you cannot receive what you do not give so let’s practice showing love and appreciation to our husbands or the men in our lives. 

Let’s take them in hand and teach them.

The buck stops here. Let’s start now!

Do You Feel Unappreciated as a Wife/Woman? (4)

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Bridget said...

This post really captures the wants of most women. I will sent this post via email to my husband, it is a must read for all men. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

This post was beautiful. It is an eye opener for any man. I have no man now but I loved reading it.

Ali said...

So very true. Your part 3 of this series was much appreciated.

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