Friday, September 25

Do You Feel Unappreciated as a Wife/Woman? (4)

Do You Feel Unappreciated as a Wife/Woman? (1)
Do You Feel Unappreciated as a Wife/Woman? (2)
Do You Feel Unappreciated as a Wife/Woman? (3)

In the part 3 of this series we attempted to answer the Big question “What does a Woman Want/Need? so men I hope you understand us a bit better now.

Wives/Women we are going to enumerate ways of showing appreciation to our husbands/men in this post. I am sure that we will all be quite familiar with all the appreciation tips we will get today, the burning question would be - Do we practice them in our daily lives?

Women we have to take our men in hand and show them how to Appreciate by appreciating them ourselves.
Here we go!

1. Remember to say Thank-you when he has done some good.

2. Remember to Ask about Work or Business to show you care.

3. Flatter him with Compliments when he has put on new shirt or tie or got a new haircut.

4. Make him Romantic dinners; where the two of you can have some “US” time.

5. Call him up at work or send a text just to Enquire how his day is getting along.

6. Make his Birthday a Special family event filled with love goodies, presents and some loving.

7. Make out Time solely for him in your daily motherhood journey.

8. Listen to his fears and worries and do not throw them back in his face when you are ticked or angry.

9. Encourage and Motivate him when he is down in the dumps.

10. Let him be the Man in the home, even when you practically run things.

The list could be endless, so make up your own list women and start Appreciating with Love.

We should expect to get a “double dose of Appreciation pressed down, shaken together and running over with Love from our husbands/Men in return”, which is all good!

Remember you can’t expect to receive what you can’t give, so start giving!

Good Luck you all as you make some positive changes in your marriages/ relationships today.

Woman- Incorporated
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