Monday, September 7

I am Mum!

I am mum to two tots who are full of boundless energy, am unbridled zest for life and uncanny resilience.
They are aged 4 years and 21 months and my world most certainly revolves around them, their associations, needs, wants, activities and well being. They uplift my spirits when I am down.
They are my major achievement and source of great pride.
I wipe their tears and treat their bruises when they hurt.
I make a home so they can thrive and develope.
I relish my role as mum in their lives and I just wish they wouldn't grow up so fast.
But most importatntly I help them grow and learn a little each day.
Even though I am caught in a constant whirlwind of motion, I am a proud to say I am Mum to Bede and Thea.
My children, my loves, my wards, my treasures from God most high. LoL



Anonymous said...

I am a Mom too and I thank God everyday for the experience. So I understand you completely. I love your blog

WINC said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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