Monday, September 7

I Dare to Dream!!!!!!

My dreams are like music to my soul, I dance to their beat.
I have dreamt many dreams in the times gone past.
I dreamt I would be an Architect when I grow up but here I am in the Telecom Industry.
I dreamt I would be rich but here I am just getting by.
I dreamt I would marry a dark skinned pretty faced man but here I am married to a light skinned tall, somewhat huge man.
I dreamt I would have many kids but here I am way over my head with just two.
I dreamt I would write books with beautiful storylines but here I am barely getting the time to read them.
I dreamt I would start my own business at 35 but here I am still toiling for an employer of labor.
I dreamt that I would one day make music but here I am with a cracked croaky voice barely able to put two notes together.
I dreamt I would one day make a difference in the world we live and here I am still trying to make a difference.

Que Sera Sera! What ever will be will be!

N/B: As long as there is life and hope we will continue to dream and trudge on during our journey on earth.

Woman- Incorporated


Omololu said...

Way to go...
You've started something.
This looks like a poem to me.
Keep dreaming, Keep writing...
Someday, u might be able to put together your "diary" for ppl's perusal and not FOC.

WINC said...

Thanks Omololu, I appreciate your comment

Josh said...

I loved this post. Our dreams drive us in this life.

Sade said...

Dream on woman-incorporated. This was a cool piece. Love your blog.

WINC said...

Thanks Josh and Sade.... I will continue to dream

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