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Why do "Tiffs" or Disagreements Occur in Marriage?

Why do "tiffs" or disagreements occur in marriage? Stupid question you may say, but it is a jaw breaker.

Most unions and marriages are made of two different people form very diverse backgrounds.
When a married couple or partners live together, it would be fool hardy not to expect “tiffs” or disagreements between these two very different people;

1. From often diverse backgrounds
2. Different upbringings
3. With different orientations and
4. Views of life.

Spouses more often than not after a “tiff” or disagreement are sure to sulk for days, even when they are at fault.

Imagine your husband or wife sulking for days over some very seemingly irrelevant disagreement; I assure you it is not a jolly experience. It leaves you feeling cold, lonely and loveless.
My husband is quite good at sulking, though he is really trying to work on dropping the bad habit.

I for one may rant and rave over an issue but the minute it is over I put it behind me. I don't know how to revisit the issue over and over in my head and sulk in the process.

I don't generally hold grudges, I am a very open and forgiving person and I seem to expect every one to be made from that ilk. This is a very wrong assumption or viewpoint.

Couples should encourage each other to always let bygones be bygones. There is no way we can exist in harmony with out "tiffs" and disagreements from time to time.

What would differentiate one from another is how we handle these “tiffs”/disagreements when they occur.

I once got the advice that when an eruption is brewing between a husband and wife either one or both of you should quickly lie down and you will find that tempers will cool down considerably. I often forget to heed this advice, but the few times I have tried it has been very successfully indeed.

Do try lying down when you see a “tiff” or disagreement brewing between you and your spouse - it works believe me.

Disagreements handled properly in marriage forms a strengthening bond in the union as it brings about understanding and keen knowledge of each other.

How To Resolve Disagreement In Marriage



Iryn said...

Disagreements in Marriage are a given. You just need extreme patience and understanding to pass through these trying times. Or else all hell will break loose.

WINC said...

Hi Iryn, Thanks for the comment. Patience and understanding in Marriage is a winning combo.

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