Thursday, October 15

“Stands a Calder Man” – Can you Stand Tall?

I remember Janet Dailey's Calder series of novels I read so many years ago - A Western Family Saga tinted with Romance
I get lost in her novels, they take you out of your “now” into the book and right into the story.
Webb Calder kept what he had and got what he wanted in "Stands a Calder Man"
Webb fought the newcomer's who rushed to claim grasslands where Calder cattle grazed. Lilli is a proud young immigrant married to a man who instigates fights with the Calder's. When her husband dies, she marries Webb and they fight droughts and harsh weather together along with Webb's nemesis Krueger. This man goes mad and kills Lilli. Webb is devastated. The love of his life... he only had a couple of dead. BUT....they had a son, Chase!
How many of you keep what you have talk less of getting what you want?
Do you allow others over ride you constantly, take a advantage of you or undermine your authority at every opportunity? If you do the you need a wake up call.
You have to fight to keep "your pants" on and fight even harder to "add on a shirt" to achieve even a measure of success in our world today.
Through life’s journey there would be a constant barrage of people who would want to take “the pants you are wearing”, and you had better be ready to do battle [not physical] to keep them on.
What am I saying here you may ask? That we need to rise up to the occasion and stand for what we believe in damming the consequences, not forgetting though to let love take it's turn in our lives.
If we all “stand tall” like Webb Calder, the world would be a much easier place to live in where everyone understands the meaning of straight forward commitment, dedication, hard work, and loyalty mixed in Love

Stands a Calder Man
Can you Stand Tall?


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