Saturday, October 10

Who bears the Parenting Burden in the Home? When both Parents Work

In my household I often times have to remind my husband that he has to create some special time to spend with the kids, usually after a very hectic week when they hardly saw him at all.

I find that husbands/men are inclined to leave most of the parenting to us wifes/women and I wonder why.
And the children don't help matters much by coming to Mommy to solve all their problems or needs.

I dont know if it is really possible to share parenting in the home 50/50 as most women are naturally made to be more nurturing than men and even your kids sense this.

So you find most of the parenting burden falling on your shoulders as a mom.

Well this is how we attempt to find a balance in my household;

  • During the week I do most of the parenting as my husband comes home late after the kids have gone to bed most days and 
  • During the weekends he tends to shoulder more parenting responsibiolity and I am usually allowed to rest as the kids are usually more focused on him as they have not seen him most of the working week.

I usually sleep in and take even take naps during the day, I also use the opportunity to go to the saloon, visit freinds or family or do some much needed shopping.

The reality is that things have a way of balancing out naturally.


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