Monday, November 30

2009 draws to a close!

The year is 2009!

We made resolutions and plans for the year way back in January.
How many have we kept or achieved?

It is really funny how the days have run by so fast.

I wonder how many of us would say the year was successful.
Many would immdeiately say they have not achieved or attained all to set out to do at the start of 2009.

But the reality is;

  • We should be thankful we are alive - many died or will die in 2009
  • We should be thankful for family and friends who stood by us all through the year - many were alone as no one cared.
  • We should be thankful for the basics; shelter, food and clothing - many are on the streets with no where to call home.
  • We should be thankful for good health for us and our families - many are plagued with illnesses which have no cure.
  • We should be thankful for our jobs or businesses that survived the year - many suffered the after effects of the global recession [worldwide job cuts].
  • We should be thankful for laughter, tears and all other emotions in between - some have nothing to feel about.
  • We should be thankful for those we helped in big or small ways - God see our goodness and will bless us for it.
  • We should be thankful that we are getting set to welcome 2010 with new hopes and dreams - We are survivors of 2009.

Life goes on and we are given another year to thrive!!!

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Unknown said...

I am janet i find your website very encouraging as every working mother needs this encouragment as we often do not get as much as we need from our spouse.

WINC said...

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon to read some more posts. Happy Holidays!

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