Friday, November 13

I left My Kids; For 5 Whole Nights

Believe it or not I left my kids for 5 whole nights....................It sounds so surreal.

I recently attended a conference in London and could not take the kids along, so they had to stay back with their Dad.

Initially thinking about it was so hard, I could not even comprehend such an act, but after a while the idea seemed to have formed root in my mind and I so wanted to attend the event.

The story is I have never been away from my kids for more than 1 night [and even then that was only once], they often go everywhere with me.

I swallowed the “Big Girl Pill” and made arrangements to travel for the conference, still wondering at the back of my mind how I was going to manage to leave my kids and go so far away for 5 whole nights.

I also worried how they where going to take the separation, stupidly forgetting that kids are tough and they adjust quite easily. Especially kids below 5 years of age.

I also worried about their care while I would be away, even though their Dad, my brother and a maid were going to be on hand to watch over them

Well the day came and I had to travel and the five nights flew by so fast, with me missing the kids so much, but surprisingly I also spent some valuable time alone for the first time in over 5 years.

I could virtually hear myself think..........I really did.

All through my time away my son who is the eldest refused to speak to me............maybe upset that mummy when off to “God knows where”. Even though I took time out to explain to his four year old brain that I had to travel to London for a conference.

Five nights came and went and it was back to Lagos [Home for me].

I was quite restless at the airport and all through the clearance process; I was itching to see my babies.

Funny enough as soon as my son saw me he upped and flew into my arms luggage and all.

Home at last........ I breathed.

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