Monday, November 23

I used to be Painfully Shy; What Changed!

When I was young I was painfully shy and always has my head in a romance novel.

I filled my life with books and magazines and movies and got lost in them.

I had a few friends through school but spent most of my time alone reading my novels and fantasising.

All through my school years I was painfully shy, but sharp direct and blunt with my few friends.

But in my adulthood I have done a 360 degrees turn around and I am almost too vocal now, I dare to tread where others won't even dream off.

What caused this change? I guess when I got into the world and was dealt a few of life's blows I had to stand tall and be counted.

I realized I had to fight to keep my pants on in this wide, wicked and ever changing tumultuous world we live in.

And I succeeded, Heeeeee! 'Cos I got my pants on and more....



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