Sunday, November 29

My Girl turns 2 and Fabulous!

My daughter turns 2 as Barak Obama celebrates one year in office, I hope this means her future would be as defining as Obama's.
With God on our side the sky is the limit for her....!

The day was November 27th 2009 and she was in high spirits all day, I had to practially force her to take a nap.

She woke up to her gift which as a big girl dolly. Her brother took charge of opening the wrapped gift running commentary as he went along.

She was so excited that she joined us in signing Happy Birthday,

Later in the day family came by to join us in celebrating with my baby girl.

How time flies, it seems like yesterday when she was a new born.

She is a fabulous "Madam" who talks with has a full mouth of teeth and boldy states her preferences.

She is Mommy's in-house fashion stylish; as she takes the liberty of selecting clothes and shoes she thinks I should wear once she sees me trying to get dressed.
                                                    Her christening picture at 9 months below

2 years old  "Madam"

Woman Incorporated

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