Wednesday, November 4

Public Speaking: I did It.......Whoopeee

Hi All, I have been away at a Conference in London.

I have great news............. I spoke publicly for the first time in my adult working life and even went on further to answer questions related to my presentation topic [the only other event was way back in University when we had to present our seminars to a crowd].

Initially I was nervous, but I just kept on talking and looking at the crowd till the butterflies in my stomach disappeared.

It was a Telecom conference and I was one of the only 2 female speakers, all other speakers were males.

There were only 2 Blacks/Africans at the event and I was one of them.

Are you preparing to speak at a public event or forum?
If you are, I would give the following advice;

• Work on your presentation/topic by yourself, this will ensure that you are a master of it.

• Check for all grammatical and spelling errors- you don’t want to discover errors while your presentation is on, this will cut your confidence in half.

• Keep your presentation timing within the allocated Time-frame so you don’t end up rushing through it.

• Go over the presentation several times till it becomes etched in your memory.

• Practice in front of friends and colleagues or even your mirror, this will help on the d-day even if you are nervous.

• Finally just go for it on the day of the event, even if you are nervous just carry on, the butterflies in your tummy will die off as your confidence grows.

• Make sure you look at the crowd, it helps you overcome nervousness.




Taa Dixon said...

congrats on your public speaking debut! This is wonderful and I'm sure you did a great job!

- Taa

Consolata said...

Hi Taa, Thanks a zillion for stopping by. And yes I sure did a great job.
I look forward to more speaking opportunities.

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