Monday, November 30

Things Fall Apart and Men are no Longer at Ease!

I borrow my title from Chinua Achebe's novels -"Things Fall Apart: A Novel" and "No Longer at Ease".

Like Okonkwo the Patriarchal family head and his grandson Obi the lead characters in these novels, men all around when put to the test by fate or life often fall apart and begin to disintegrate.

We cannot expect to stand still on shaky grounds, because when the things fall apart the centre cannot hold.

But the reality is that life is listless if not tested by the wiry hands of fate and/or destiny.

As Humans we often fall down hard when dealt with one of life's blows, this is almost inevitable.

The cue is to get up dust the seat of our pants very quickly and continue the struggle of life as it is.

The intertwined duo of destiny and fate often to a large extent determine our future, but our free will often plays a key role in our final destination.

The story is that life will always deal us some blows to test out faith and strengthen our resolve, and no man yet unborn will not fall down and tarry a while when things fall apart and the centre cannot hold.
When this happens we really loose all sense of self and are no longer at ease.

But our crowning glory more often than not comes after a strong blow that often throws us totally off balance!

So rest assured that God in his infinite wisdom will not allow you be fallen by a blow that will keep you down permanently.

Remember "Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do! (Expanded)"

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