Monday, December 21

Christmas Gifts for Him!

Woman now its your turn, you have to get him something.

I have the following suggestions; Feel free to mix your own "brew" from the ideas listed below

1. His favourite football club Jersey or Cufflinks – this will show you are tolerant of his fan craze.
2. Get him a dream pen - that is if he is career professional.
3. The latest Amazon  Kindle Wireless Reading Device - if he is a reader.
4. An powerful  Watch - if you can afford it this will mean you have tall ambitions for him.
5. Laptop cum Luggage briefcase in pure leather - if he is an executive on the move.
6. A new trendy Jacket - to change that one you are tired off.
7. A beautiful Leather wallet - with his initials to show off to his friends.
8. Buy him some exotic Colonge set - so that he cleans up good and is envied by all his friends.
9. Get hims some Hi-Tech Speakers - if he is a music man, this will show him that you know and accept his passions.
10.  Invest in some Home Repair Tool Kit - so he becomes handy around the home or to let him know you appreciate what he does around the home.

I recommend giving something needed and something wished for, this would sure make the recipient feel appreciated and loved

Good luck!!!


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