Wednesday, December 2

Giving Christmas Away (1) – “My True Love”

As Christmas approaches we are encouraged to reconnect with God by giving of ourselves.  Christmas Holiday Time Reusable Wall Decoration Stickers - Real Christmas Toy Decorated Tree
Let’s start giving by remembering our “true loves”; the mate or hussy.
We are encouraged to rekindle the burning love we once felt for our mates or husbands by giving of ourselves.
You could invest in a romantic gift or an unexpected act of kindness or if you are buoyant a surprise trip to lala land.
The most important thing is that our husbands are removed from the backburner and our love or relationship rekindled.
This is a wake up call for all ye busy bees [mothers with kids] who are caught in the web of motherhood with the hussy relegated to the far corner.
Planning a loving gift, an ocassion or romantic hideout will also uplift your spririts and help you remeber all the “lovey dovey” things you like about your man.
So get up invest some time, energy, thoughts and some money into appreciating your “true love” this Christmas.
Hussy don’t leave it all up to your woman, you can take the lead; get her some zanzy, snazzy nightwear, those sexy shoes you would like to see her conquer or the pure unadulterated new cent she is lusting after. Better still you could get her the latest Amazon Kindle for her reading pleasure.
The bottom line is that she feels loved and appreciated that you bothered to get her a Christmas gift straight from your heart.
Let Cupid’s arrow of love hit you right on the spot once again! Be joyful in giving!

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Unknown said...

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WINC said...

Hello Imagination,

Thanks for your "WoW" it is so! so!appreciated.
I will surely visit the recommened author and her book site too.

Best Regards

Children's books fan said...

I'm glad that you'll be checking out the book. It's quite a tale! In fact I work for the publisher and we're interested in providing a copy to you for review. Can you please email me directly so we can arrange this?

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