Sunday, December 6

Giving Christmas Away (2) “ Little Ones”

Christian Childrens Christmas Holiday Gift Basket for Kids with Cookies, Chocolate, Fudge, Books and MusicIn this second post of giving we would talk about giving to your kids and other less fortunate children.
Remember the little ones are gits from God and should be cherished, loved and protected.
You could ask your kids to give up their old toys and clothing which they have outgrown; this will be packed up and sent to an orphanage or charity organisation for onward distribution to children in need.
Also consider adding some new Toys or clothing to the package for children in need, that is if you can afford it.
You could also donate money of you do not have old stuff to give out, there are many charity organizations ready to take your money so do not be shy.
If you cannot do any of the above then spare some time this season to work for Charity
For your own kids you could consider getting them Educational Toys or toys that would help their developments [especially the young kids].
This would be more impactful and useful than some scary monster  movie or gun totting violent video games.
Give heartily this Season!!! You will in turn “recieve a full measure pressed down shaken together and running over”.

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Unknown said...

i am a fan of giving valuables,because if you give out what you do not need u have not really given.Give something u can still make use of then you have given because you feel a pinch.


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