Tuesday, December 15

Giving Christmas Away (3) – Family and Friends

Christmas Santa Lighted CenterpieceWell we have given to our one “True Love” and the “Little Ones”, we must know consider giving to our Friends and Family who have helped and supported us all through life’s arduous  journey till date.

Some Memorabilia or thoughtful  Momentos will go a long way in remembrance of your love, time past and faith in each other.
We should also extend our hands of fellowship and giving to even those who have not helped us in any way, a little help from us can make a great difference in their lives.
Extending some love and positivity by giving of ourselves through gifts or our time would also have a resounding positive effect in our lives.

So go on giving, this is the season and there is a reason to give. Celebrate the end of 2009 and embrace 2010.

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