Thursday, December 31


It is the first minute of 2010. Happy New Year !!!!!! Hurray we survived!

As we welcome 2010 we should be thankful for the following;

1. That we survived 2009 [Many died]
2. That we have good health [Many are sick or terminally ill]
3. That our loves ones also survived
4. That with the Global Depression and all we still have food, shelter and clothing.
5. That we still have our jobs even if we hate it [Many lost theirs]
6. That we still have our will and strength of mind and body to forge ahead [Even if we lost our jobs]
7. That we became more spiritual in the spate of all the negativity.
8. That our businesses survivied; some grew and others did not [But all in all we got through 2009]
9. That we have the opportunity to dream new dreams for 2010 and hope for the best.
10. That God Almighty in his infinite wisdom kept our crazy world intact despite the negative happenings and moral decadence around us.

May 2010 be the year you have been hoping for may it bring brand new promises and catapault you to your desired destination.
In simple terms may it be the best year of your life.

Happy New Year! I wish you "Enough"!


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