Sunday, December 6

My Top 10 Marriage Myths

  1. That Top 10 Marriage myths (2)the honeymoon will last forever – This is a fallacy as the honeymoon is so far removed from reality and you hit the ground running the minute life comes at you.
  2. That your spouse or partners will be remain exactly the same person you dated – The commitment of marriage and the fact that you have to co-habit for 24/7 really is a different ball game as compared to a relationship which you can break off at anytime. You often are exposed to different parts of your spouse you never knew existed.
  3. That marriage is as easy as having a relationship – Marriage is really a full time job as you have to constantly work at it to keep it going and vibrant, if not it dies away and spouses become distant strangers.
  4. That you would remain the same person you once where – Even you will be changed by the band of marriage as you both jointly battle life and grow older together.
  5. That marriage becomes easier if you survive first 5 years – Life does not go away!. The world around you as well as fate and destiny will continue to throw blows at you. Two of you also realise that you are stuck together for keeps and children have come and there are so many demands for your time, money and so much more.
  6. That children would come as soon as you say go – Many after 10 years or more find that children are not automatic, they are actually a really precious gift from God, and he alone gives couples children. Even science will fail you if God says NO.
  7. That your partner would never leave you – Many couples have split the because they realised that they could no longer work at their marriage, sometimes one person finds another life outside the home and leaves to purse that life. As humans we always believe the grass is greener at the other side, and more often that not it really isn’t.
  8. That everyone would respect you because you are married – In the days gone by, people respected marriage and married couples, but all that is gone with the wind as the world we live is has become so decadent and immoral and most people have lost their basic moral values.
  9. That the two of you plan to go in the same direction – Initially both of you would seem to be in sync, but has time goes by and with varying experiences at work and in life, you find that conflict happens as you more often than not have varying ideas and beliefs about issues. This though can be resolved by agreeing to compromise.
  10. That since you are married you would make good parents – Couples often find that being on call 24/7 due to the demands of your kids, takes maturity, wisdom and a true partnership. Many have opted out feeling overwhelmed by the situation.

All in all, nothing good comes easy, we have to work hard at life, marriage and even work to have a lasting effect.

You have to have an open mind and be willing to die to self in other to bring out the best in your spouse/partner, also remeber that time and tide waits for no one, as change is inevitable. Prepare to welcome change!

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