Tuesday, December 29

Vital Health Tip for Kids

Do you want you protect your kids from colds and all other ailments floating around children in schools and play centres? Then consider this!

I unknowingly stumbled upon an old vital natural health tip for growing kids and I have incorporated in to my daily morning regime.

The Old formula
As soon as my kids wake up each day they brush their teeth and drink a cup of "Freshly squeezed Pure Orange Juice" [Filtered and no water added or sugar] before breakfast.

I have been at this for several months now and the resultant effect is awesome and unbelievable;

  1. Colds, Coughs and all forms of Nasal congestions have disappeared from our household.
  2. All other floating ailments spread in schools and playgrounds have been kept at bay
  3. They have more energy and are alert and sharper
  4. Their appetites are also healthy

I have pushed aside all the supplements they used to consume to stay health and succumbed fully to this healthy natural way of staying fit.
There is less stress on us parents and even on the kids as they are always in Tip-Top shape.

Orange juice is a source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), potassium, thiamine, Phosphorus G, folic acid (Vitamin B9) and vitamin B6.

I would also recommend this for you parents as Vitamin C the major component of Oranges;

  • Is an antioxidant which protects your body from free radicals, which may cause heart disease and cancer 
  • Is important in the production collagen, which is present in your muscles and bones and is responsible for holding the cells together. 
  • Is vital for a healthy immune system, which helps fight against colds and other minor ailments as well as promote speedy healing of cuts and bruises 
  • Is also vital for healthy gums - keeps scurvy at bay 
Portions served:
Between my kids aged 4 and 2 years I squeeze 6 medium sized oranges and get two 3/4 filled cups of Fresh Orange Juice.
Cup size is comparable to normal sized children's drinking cups.

Do this daily and you are assured of healthy, strong, agile kids immune against common colds and other childhood diseases.

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