Sunday, December 6

Woman You can Hold Up Half the Sky!

 Holding up the sky.jpg 2 I borrow this title from a Chinese proverb that says “Women Hold Up Half the Sky”.

Women we should strive to better our selves by educating our selves and excelling in our jobs or businesses.

Believe it or not women make better managers and even better strategists as we are born leaders, empathic, sharp witted and deep thinkers.

Despite the fact that many employers still try to make us play second fiddle to our men even when we are better qualified and experienced, we must still strive to conquer in the corporate environment and in our private entrepreneurship journey.

If you have to come to a road block in your current employment [your employer is unwilling to elevate you to higher positions and authority simply because you are female] then the time has come to look elsewhere or think of starting your own business.

We can dream and think big! Yes we can!

Know that as a woman you have the following innate characteristics that you honed and sharpened by education and experience;

  • Integrity – We are usually very ethical.
  • Intuitive: We tend to make good decisions early enough in our daily lives and businesses
  • Assertiveness – We are often direct and authoritative in running our homes and families
  • Persuasiveness – We can sell ice to the Eskimos or persuade the hussy to wear some funky colour
  • Inclusive team building capabilities – We are used to managing a full family and sometimes extended family members and household workers in our daily lives.
  • Risk Takers – We dare to tread where other won’t dare, we are very open to change, new ideas and challenges
  • Courage – We are often courageous in our daily lives; motherhood is courage exemplified.
  • Innovative: We are constantly innovating in our homes and family lives

All these characteristics mentioned above summarize the key unique qualities of female business leader and entrepreneurs.

So believe me you can Hold Up Half the Sky, you just have to try by taking a stand to better yourself or make that change in your business or life.

If you are already holding Up Half the Sky, be willing to help another woman who is striving to hold Up Half the Sky.

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Unknown said...

You are so inspiring,i wish i could read u everyday but my kids wont let me but i will try to visit as often as i can.


WINC said...

Thanks Josey for stopping by. Come back soon. Compliments of the season to you and yours.

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